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Future Fisheries | Arctic Grayling in Montana

Every so often Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks (FWP) attempts to bolster the arctic grayling population in the Madison River, by stocking juvenile fish. And bolster is the right word as there is a small remnant population already in the Madison. These fish are the holdouts of the native population, and the newcomers from tributary streams where arctic grayling still manage to hold on.

Last year FWP conducted a fairly large scale, on-site stocking program. Meaning they incubated and hatched the eggs in the tributaries of the Madison River, instead of in offsite hatcheries. Now FWP is looking to determine the success of these efforts. They are asking anyone who catches or sees an arctic graying to report it. Even if the catch is not in the Madison River they are asking for a report, so they can determine the current distribution of arctic grayling in Montana. Be sure to let us know if you are running into a few of these too the next time you stop in our Bozeman fly shop.There is a link to the reporting page below.

Report Your Arctic Grayling Catch

Video credit KBZK.