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Gallatin Forest Partnership

At our Bozeman fly shop we understand the importance of conservation and preserving our Bozeman area rivers and public lands. That is why we are trying to help spread the word about the Gallatin Forest Partnership and the work that they are doing to help ensure we have land and water for our favorite outdoor recreation for years to come.

If you have seen a river runs through it or have fished the Gallatin yourself you understand the beauty and wild nature of this iconic river and the Gallatin forest. The Gallatin Forest Partnership is a group of folks that cares about the Gallatin River and range as much as we do. Check out the video below about the partnership and a new short video by following the link below.

The Gallatin Forest Partnership from GYC on Vimeo.

Here is their latest video:

You can endorse the Gallatin River Partnership right here!