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General Fishing Season Now Open

It’s always weird to say that the Montana fishing season is now open, when we’ve been experiencing good fishing since March, but it is the case every year. The third Saturday in May is here and the General Montana Fishing Season is now open, which means most of the small creeks and rivers that are closed through the winter are now open. There are some exceptions so make sure you check the regs before wetting a line. Some of these smaller waterways can offer clean water while most of the bigger rivers are dealing with muddy water. We have had some heavier rainstorms the last couple afternoons which can quickly discolor small streams, but usually they clean up by the afternoon. While not a small river, there are portions of the Madison River that close at the end of February that have also just reopened, including those portions above the West Fork, which is one of the main culprits for adding color to the river. Leave a comment and let us know how the season opener wet for you!