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Get it While You Can!

Old man winter has finally released its grip on Montana. The days are getting warmer and the lower hillsides, which were once covered in snow, are now starting to green up with the much needed spring moisture. With the rising temperatures, many might think that run off is on it’s way and that it may be wiser to trade in the fly rod for the golf club until the runoff succeeds. Those who have been biding their time over the winter and been putting in their spring fishing time have seen the fruits of an early mothers day caddis hatch on the madison, as well as overcast days producing a bounty of blue wing olives. Now would be a great time to schedule a trip before the run off truly starts. Early spring fishing has been very productive for the fly pole and may be easier on the wallet, with a spring guide discount, resulting in full-day float trips for $375 until the end of April. Come in and see us and let’s get you outfitted for some excellent spring fishing.