Glad Tidings – Fins and Feathers Bozeman
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Glad Tidings

There is so much more to this life aquatic we live here at Fins and Feathers than just selling some swag and rowing people down a river! This is the time of year for reflection and appraisals, be it of life, business, or the road ahead. The last few weeks have been minutia-filled on our end as we’ve worked away on databases and inventory. Sometimes, the point of all this gets lost in the details and it’s always a good idea to stop, breathe, and remember what its all about. Chasing fish from the mall pond to the hinterlands of places far away is what this whole endeavor is all about for us and thank you to everyone that has shared the life aquatic with us this year! A particularly hearty Happy Holidays from all of us here at F&F.