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Glimpses of Glory

You know how some people get giddy when they see something that is, in some way, associated with glory?

It could be it’s Babe Ruth’s 714th home run baseball.
Or Usain Bolt’s running shoes.
Or Louis Armstrong’s trumpet.

I think most of us have something that we’d be in awe of if we were to see it in person. Today, Violette and I geeked out over something that represents so much to us.

An Orvis Helios 9′ 6wt rod.

This rod, lovingly named “Sweetie” has seen over 250 world records. If fly rods could talk, this one would tell about fishing saltwater and freshwater, and point to the scars on its finish as evidence of traveling between waters. It would talk about setting world records on incredibly light test tippet, and how much it had to flex to bring those fish to the boat. More than anything, it would talk about being handled by one of the world’s most famous fly fisherwomen, Dotty Ballantyne.

As women in the shop, Violette and I cheer everytime we hear about women getting out and crushing it on the rivers. Seeing “Sweetie” also encourages me to explore new water and find new experiences in fly fishing, to create a storied life for my fishing gear. If my rod should ever break, I would love for it to be sent in with a special note talking about all of its accomplishments.

Click here to learn more about Dotty and see some of her world records.