Good Ol’ Gallatin River – Fins and Feathers Bozeman
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Good Ol’ Gallatin River

Just when things are looking grim thanks to some windy weather and cold temps…the Gallatin comes to the rescue for winter warriors throughout the valley. The trees block the wind well on days like this and easy access makes for plenty of choices and short walks from the warmth of the rig to the cool of the river. So far, the river has been staying clear of slush ice and ice shelves are at a minimum. Although you won’t find many big browns sipping midges right now down here in the Gallatin Valley, the Gallatin is uniquely beautiful and is as honest a river around here this time of year. By honest, I mean that the fish either eat or they don’t and there’s usually not a whole lot of method to the madness, just put a golden stone nymph with a small attractor nymph (you pick it) and chances are that you’ll get plenty of tugs to keep the toes warm.