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Growing Up and Fishing with Dad

I have the undeniable privilege of doing what I love, and making a living at it too. There is no shortage of fishing guides in Bozeman, USA, but it is still considered a luxury job. As I think back about where the pieces of my life came from and how they fit together a picture starts to form that without my dad I would not be where I am now. Thank you, Dad.

I grew up in an amazing place to grow up. Right on a large bass lake in upstate South Carolina, in a small out of the way town, surrounded by wooded-undeveloped lots and the occasional house. From an early age, whether by method or luck, my dad nurtured a love of the outdoors in both myself and my brother. For me though fishing filled a deep need and formed a foundation for my life. From an early age I’ve had a rod in my hands. Being homeschooled for most of grade school, I must of spent thousands of hours chasing bluegill, bass, perch and anything else that would bite along the bank, and in the bass boat on the weekends with dad. Inevitably fly fishing came along and I found the bluegill and bass just as readily fooled by the fly. There was excellent trout fishing just a few hours away in western North Carolina and it wasn’t long before we were making forays in search of cold moving water.

I have also had the great opportunity to fish all over the world with my dad. My parents originally hail from England and we still have a lot of family there, so we’ve had several opportunities to fish there and Scotland. We also lived in Hungary for several years, so we also got to fish many Eastern Europe countries like Slovenia, Croatia and Poland. All of them amazing experiences that we got to share together.

I’ve gone through the normal fads of growing up like bikes, skateboarding, video games, etc, and I haven’t done anything too damaging or idiotic. Through it all though fishing has been the only true constant in my life. So, taking another look at how the pieces fit together it really shouldn’t be a surprise that I found a way to fish for a living. In more ways than one I owe my dad for this great upbringing and direction in life. So again, Thank You, Dad. Happy Father’s Day – lets go fish.