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Hatch Fanatic Gen 2 Reel Review

Hatch fly fishing reels have created a reputation that not many other companies have figured out. Hatch reels are looked at as some of the most reliable, stylish, and smoothest reels ever. After fishing them both for saltwater and freshwater I concur that the Hatch Fanatic Generation 2 is a go to reel for any do-or-die type of fly fishing situation. These reels are made, since 2003, in California, USA. The Gen 2 has improved upon the first generation significantly which has resulted in an even more reliable product. Along with this, Hatch is consistently releasing new colors to spice up the way we look on the river.

Hatch Fanatic New Features

The new features include a bombproof spool to housing connection that has improved overall strength and true spin. The handle has an added layer of Ultraflon. This Ultraflon sleeve eliminates possible corrosion and makes reeling even easier and hitch free. The Gen 2 has held onto the machined reel foot that the Gen 1’s carried. This is unique to hatch and as you can imagine makes this Fanatic reel that much stronger. No screws attaching the reel foot, again eliminates potential erosion points and makes Hatch reels nearly indestructible. Inside this reel are added lip seals to make this drag impenetrable by water. The drag is a Rulon, stainless steel combination that eliminates start up inertia and any stick-slip problems. Being large arbor makes the line retrieval rate incredibly rapid which is good for both freshwater and saltwater fish. This Fanatic has also maintained it’s hook guards on the frame of the reel to keep your flies out of harms way and has added a new 9 window frame design that eliminates extra weight but maintains all of the strength found in the previous design. Check out one of the newest colors, “Ox blood”, (pictured above) in our Bozeman Fly Shop where you can peep the huge range of colors and sizes.

Musky Hatch

The drag can be subtle enough to fight large trout on 6x tippet but on larger sizes powerful enough to put a stop to a running tarpon. The Fanatic Gen 2 is available in a wide range of standard and custom colors in sizes that will fit a 3 weight rod all the way up to a 12 weight! After spending a huge amount of time fishing these reels for several different species it is fair to say that this badass Fanatic 2 can hold up to anything.