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Having Fun in the Yard

The weather the last couple of days has been “out of this world” nice here in Southwest Montana. Family duties have called me in other directions though as we celebrate my son’s 5th birthday. Normally, I probably would have opted for a family float/fish today but I am presently “boat-free.” The new boat is being born this week though!

So, yesterday I took Matty out in the yard and let him play with one of the new casting tools that Orvis is offerring. It’s a knock off of the Joan Wulff casting tool, so it’s a short rod with no reel seat to get new casters familiar with the feel of a rod loading and the timing of a proper cast. Instead of fly line, the rod comes with 20 feet of yarn that’s easy to see and turns over easily. My son thought it was the coolest thing since Dragon Tales and had a blast flinging it around for an hour or two. He even made a few decent casts, but mostly just yammerred away while he flung the line all over the place! It’s just another great tool that helps make learning to fly fish more about fun and less of a technical science!