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Heading up High

I hope everyone enjoyed the cooler weather yesterday as we prepare for temperatures in the mid and upper nineties, coming this weekend and into next week. I have been hearing a lot of worrisome talk about the state of our rivers this summer. With the incoming heat, and almost non existent snowpack, this summer may be a great time to head into the high mountain lakes, letting the river trout rest during a time of low and extremely warm water. This past summer I neglected the noble high alpine trout for a non-stop streamer binge on every river I could afford to drive to. Perhaps this year it is time to trade in the six weights for a 3 or 4, put away the articulated streamers and take out the ants and small stimulators. To me, there is nothing better than stripping huge streamers through big water, waiting for that one elusive monster; But there is something to be said about escaping the heat of the valley and journeying high into the mountains to stalk the colorful fish that dwell in the high basins. Perhaps this summer, we could all pick that one lake we’ve always wanted to visit, or maybe one have never heard of and make the hike. Nature has an amazing way to thrive in the harshest conditions. If this summer is hot and dry, let’s hope our river trout can hold on until the heat subsides, and head out into the great unknown. The fish may be smaller up high, but fishing for them with weak, hiked out knees, and a breathtaking view may just be what us anglers need to get through this summer if it proves to be as hot and dry as everyone is predicting.

Tight Lines,