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Helios 2 Are Here

There’s been a lot of hype, reviews, and talk out there about the latest and greatest fly rods from across the industry as of late. If fast action is your thing, the H2 is a rod that is just hard to beat. We haven’t done extensive testing of the rods against all the others…mostly because we’ve been fishing them on the water rather than hanging out in a park lawn casting a bunch of rods.
Fins & Feathers was involved with the rod testing and development early on in the process and has tested these rods on Tarpon and Bonefish in Belize, Redfish in Texas, Pike in Canada, and Trout – of course – in New Zealand, Montana, and more. The rods live up to the hype and maybe are possibly a little better than we could have imagined!
We’ve got a bunch here at the shop right now, so stop in and give one a test cast and decide what you think for yourself. You can purchase online and enjoy free shipping and no sales tax!