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Helios Sale | Progress

The Death of a Legend

We received an ominous package from the big brown truck one cold day in late spring 2012. The kind that is a bout 3 feet long, cardboard, and triangular shaped with no repair number scrolled on the outside yet it left little doubt as to the contents. Only one thing comes in a box like this from Vermont…a fly rod. Usually this scenario calls for hours of sorting through paperwork to find it’s rightful owner, but we realized that this was indeed a unique shipment once we opened it up and noted the blue finish to the blank and the words “Second Coming” stamped on the butt section.

This was a prototype of the yet to be announced Helios 2 rods destined to replace the wildly popular and perception changing Helios rod line from Orvis. So, reels were sorted, gas was pumped, crayfish were bought, and off to the river we went to give them a go. I don’t care how good a caster one is, there is no comparison to the assessment of a new rod that is equal to rigging it up and actually fishing. I can honestly say that I don’t ever recall casting a rod in a parking lot that I did not like – that’s not to say that some feel better than others, but they all throw some line pretty well in a parking lot!

Needless to say, the rod felt great and fished well enough to leave little anxiety in my mind that lighter, better, and stronger was coming our way in terms of new fly rods in 2013. Over the summer, I had the chance to test a variety of rod models and just come to grips with the fact that my favorite fly rod of all time was going to soon be dead. I even went through the whole grief process of denial, bargaining, etc. over the ordeal ending in acceptance that the impossible has been made possible.

The first time I held, cast, and fished a Helios was a moment that I’ll never forget. After years of having hope crushed with the first clubby cast of the latest and greatest from Orvis, I walked away from that day on the river knowing that I could finally say and believe the comment that this is “as good as it gets!” I’ve written reviews, blogs, and tales of personal angling glory that have come my way since the Helios came to be. We’ve sold countless rods and watched mediocre anglers suddenly become proficient casters and menders of line. It’s an amazing line of fly rods that is well documented and pretty much universally approved by even the most ardent anti-Oshower’s around!

The Second Coming went through some tweaks as the result of extensive field-testing by guides and industry insiders throughout 2012 to finally culminate in the launch of the Helios 2 series late last year. Although we have come to embrace the ground breaking technology that the graphite wizards from Vermont have put into play with the H2, there is still that pit of remorse in our angling soul as we say goodbye a trusted companion on the river in the original Helios. But, onward we march and we’re clearing out the old Helios rods in all their glory from now until they are no more! Buy them online or on the shop for 30% off while supplies last!