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History through a Fly Fisherman’s perspective: Gallatin’s Fly Rod | Upstream

As Secretary of the Treasury under the Jefferson administration Albert Gallatin was a master of public finance. Jefferson wrote this about Gallatin, “the only man in the United States who understands, through all the labyrinths Hamilton involved it, the precise state of the Treasury.” In order to manage the monetary affairs of a young burgeoning nation, Gallatin needed a fly rod that wouldn’t break the bank and be best used to angle for trout on the river Meriwether Lewis named after him. The fly rod best suited to meet his needs was the Redington Classic Trout 590-4.

Redington Classic Trout

This fly rod is only $150 and is under warranty for as long as you live, if you’re like Gallatin, that means the warranty will last 88 years. Ideally suited for trout fishing on medium sized rivers for beginning anglers, the Classic Trout is for anyone who wants a trout fly rod. A moderate action rod is effortlessly loaded by anglers of all skill levels while still having the ability to cast heavy lines and flies. You will not be undergunned when casting a sinktip with a heavy streamer or a nymph rig with two BB split shot. The Classic Trout also excels as a dry fly rod for spring creek and tailwater situations when you might find yourself fishing other waters when Gallatin’s river is high and too dangerous to safely fish.

Unfortuanately, Albert Gallatin wouldn’t be able to see the superior abilities of this fly rod or the State of Montana being admitted to the Union. But our hope, is that we carry on Gallatin’s legacy through fly fishing for trout on his river. Stop by Fins Upstream to cast his fly rod.

Max Kelley