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History through a Fly Fisherman’s perspective: Madison’s Fly Rod | Upstream

James Madison: lawyer, Secretary of State prior to becoming the fourth president of the United States of America, and the father of the American Constitution. Madison realized that there needed to be a new governing document to replace the weak, national government created by the Articles of Confederation. After a grueling process, the American governing standard was created by the ratification of the U.S. Constitution.

The American standard in the immense world of fly rods is the Sage Foundation. The Sage Foundation is James Madison’s fly rod because it is American made in the same way that Madison founded the principles of our government, for Americans by Americans. Madison’s fly rod is a fast action, American made fly rod with plenty of feel that is best used for the big trout and heavy winds of the river valley that bears his same name. For a competitive price of $325 the angler gets an American made fly rod with a lifetime warranty. This modern, fast action fly rod delivers big flies and heavy rigs in the fiercest of winds when paired with an In-touch Rio Grand fly line in order to load this rod. Now through June 17, 2019 any customer that purchases a Sage Foundation Fly Rod receives a Free Rio Gold fly line.

Side note: the matte black finish to the Foundation is perfectly matched with any color of the Sage Spectrum LT.

The American standard is being set in the fly rod world thanks to the folks at Sage. James Madison would be proud. To cast his fly rod, stop by Fins Upstream.

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Max Kelley