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Holiday Gift Ideas

Simms Guide NipperThe Simms Guide Nipper makes a great gift for any angler. At just $49.95, they are the best value in the “premium nipper” category. Small and simple design keeps them out of the way while being extremely functional and easy to use.

Cliff Bugger Beast Jr.The Cliff Bugger Beast Jr. has been around for awhile and often imitated by just about every manufacturer out there. Made in Wyoming, these sturdy boxes are big enough to hold a “pile” of streamers or big flies and fit in a boat bag or large pack. We travel the world with these boxes and they never disappoint.

Umpqua Beginner's Fly Tying KIt

Learning to tie flies has never been so easy with some much access to free videos and articles online. Our fly tying kits by Umpqua feature everything you need to get for tying the basics -including materials, instructions, and basic tools.

Winter wading traction can get slippery at times with ice, snow, and slippery algae covering the rocks. Check out the full range of traction solutions from Simms, Patagonia, Orvis, and Korkers available at our Bozeman fly shop.

Fishpond Confluence Net ReleaseThe Confluence Net Magnet system features a heavy duty magnet and strap setup for quick net storage for the wading angler. The security strap ensure that the net doesn’t get left behind when walking through dense brush or following the release of that epic fish!

The Rio Headgate Tippet holder is a great add-on for the boat bag, vest, or your favorite pack system. The sturdy design stands years of use with the capacity to hold all of your tippet spools in one place.

Dr. Slick Mitten Clamp

Dr. Slick’s Mitten Clamps are a winter angler’s favorite vest accessory. “Finger-free” engagement, these clamps make winter hook removal simple while wearing bulky gloves on the most bitter of days.

Whether the fly angler in your life mistakenly left something at home on the way to the river, is in need of a specific new fly line, or is trying to tie a new fly, a Fins & Feathers gift card will have you covered! A gift card is the perfect gift for fly fishers who seem like they already have everything.

Simms Fish Whistle

Fish Whistle by Simms is by far the best item to increase fly fishing productivity from the boat or when wade fishing. Fishing seems slow? Pull out the fish whistle and things will take some sort of a turn in no time!

The Umpqua Wader pack is the perfect add-on to any wader – regardless of manufacturer – with a clean design and functional storage compartements. The pack just slips over the chest wader buckle-strap and adds easy storage for a fly box or two and all the basics – ideal for use on those quick outings to you favorite river or stream.