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Holiday Shopping: Fly Rods

2019 Orvis ClearwaterGood: Orvis Clearwater – $198

The 2019 Orvis Clearwater fly rod is one of the most impressive rods an angler can get for under $200. The updates Orvis made to the Clearwater improved the looks and users experience with the rod. Whether one is looking for a first fly rod or a back up, the Clearwater is a great option for an all around 9’ 5wt.

G-Loomis IMX PROBetter: G-Loomis IMX PRO – $495

The G-Loomis IMX PRO has been around for a few years and is a premier option for anglers that can handle a faster action 9’ 5wt. fly rod. The IMX PRO will excel in durability and peroforming in tough fishing conditions but without the price of some rods on the market these days.

Sage XBest: Sage X – $900

Still the best of the best is the Sage X 9’ 5wt. for nymphing, tossing dry flies, or even slugging big streamers to the banks. The Kinetic HD technology Sage uses for their high end rods makes for impressive tip recovery and overall loop control. Tight loops and accurate presentations from 25 to 75 feet will make any rod this standout over the competition. When Sage combined this performance with the clean look of the Sage X they produced a rod desired by all anglers.

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All of these rods and more are available at our Bozeman fly shop, your one stop shop for any fly fishers in your life this holiday season!