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Hoot Owl Closures are Starting

Well, the air temps are in the upper eighties, the snow pack is all but gone, and the water is dropping quickly. That usually means the water is getting a little warm. This year is no exception.

Luckily the State of Montana cares about the fisheries for the long term. What I’m leading up to, is that a few of our rivers have gone to “Hoot Owl” hours. This means no fishing from 2:00pm until midnight. This helps out the fish during the hottest time of the day. The death rate of a trout increases a ton when the water is 70 degrees or greater.

A few people complain about, or even ignore the restrictions when the state puts them into effect. The unfortunate thing is these are probably people who have kids, or grand kids who they might like to leave a few wild trout in our rivers for.

I think it helps if we understand the state doesn’t have these restrictions to screw with anybody’s livelihood or vacation, they just want to do what they can to make sure we have wild trout for another generation or two.

The restrictions are only on a few rivers right now. The only ones that effect us are: The Big Hole, Lower Madison, Jefferson, Lower Gallatin, Lower Beaverhead, and Lower Ruby.

Rember they’res always Carp