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Hopper Mania

This is the time of year that we all wait for: hopper season. The past few years, the grasshopper population has been a bit few and far between; however, this year seems to be shaping up already. As I stepped out of the door of the shop, I caught a glimpse of about 5 larger grasshoppers scattering from my view. As seen in the photos, the hoppers were a tan color. In other grassier areas, smaller green grasshoppers like to hide, shaded by the greenery.

Right now, the hoppers are smaller, so a size 12 or 14 hopper pattern would do the trick. Flesh and pink patterns seem to be the hot ticket at the moment, with yellow coming into shape a little later. With the high temperatures, both in the air and water, fishing has been a little tricky at times. But I must say, hearing reports and catching sights of grasshoppers is the motivation I needed to get out and find some cool waters with some terrestrial activity.

Aside from the hopper action, ants and beetles also fall into this category. When the hatches die down, then it’s time to bring out the other terrestrial patterns. Come stop by the shop for some of these patterns, or just some good fly fishing conversation!