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Hopper Season Is Upon Us | Bozeman Fly Shop

Now that the big stoneflies are passed and some of the crowds have started to thin out a little bit, anglers can look forward to hopper fishing. Grasshoppers are large terrestrials that love grasslands and can be a variety of colors of olive, brown, yellow, and a little red. This season of fishing can be especially fun when it is on and it lasts typically from late July to late September. Big dry flies imitating these hoppers make it hard for trout of all sizes to resist. Grasshoppers really love over hanging banks and meadows with tall grass, and typically towards the end of summer.

Flesh Chernobyl CFO Thunder Thighs Hopper

Fishing on a warm, windy day can provide some of the best hopper fishing, though during this season of hoppers, you can almost always expect an eat. Fish close to the banks and make it known to trout that a grasshopper has just splashed into their feeding lane. Hopper fishing is great fun for any level skilled angler because you are able to fish them so many different ways and this is because when a grasshopper is blown into the river it is immediately out of its element, so they start trying to move around to get back on land. A common favorite is skating or twitching a large Chubby Chernobyl because it provides explosive takes. Placing action on your flies can be really effective at inducing a eat. All of the Bozeman area rivers can provide great hopper fishing in the late summer.

Tips for hopper fishing from our Bozeman Fly Shop:

1. 7.5 ft 3x leader

2. Foam Patterns work great (Especially for beginners)

3. Give your fly movement

4. Pay attention to color and size

5. Fish the banks

6. Fish another terrestrial behind it (ant, beetle, etc.)