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Hot Fall Streamers

Weather is cooling and trout are getting agressive in the Bozeman area rivers. The time to throw streamers is now. Odds of catching a big brown seem to be a bit higher in the fall. Folks looking for the fish of a lifetime should put in the time in the fall to stick a real hog. Here are some of our Bozeman fly shops favorite streamers for fall fishing.

Black Double Dirty HippyBrown/Yellow Hog HookerOlive & Black Double ScreamerWhite Circus Peanut

On the larger side we have 4 selections all articulated with two hooks. The patterns are named as follows left to right.

1. Black Double Dirty Hippy

2. Brown/Yellow Hog Hooker

3. Olive & Black Double Screamer

4. White Circus Peanut 4×4

Yellow Walters WeaknessSculpin Sugar ShakerPrecious Metal

And for those who like something a little on the smaller side we have a couple single hook articulated options and a non articulated easy to throw, flashy option. Left to right the names are as follows.

1. Yellow Walters Weakness

2. Sculpin Sugar Shaker

3. Precious Metal