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How to Approach Trout Like a Pro

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How to Approach Trout Like a Pro

By Mark Raisler

Many times, I get asked to show an angler how to catch more trout. I live and work on one of Montana’s most difficult fisheries, the Missouri River. It is a draw for dry fly anglers. We have consistent mayfly, midge, and caddis hatches throughout eight months of the year on a resource that was designed for wade fishing! Drift boats are common as well, but many use them as a way to get from flat to flat.

The number one reason that more anglers do not catch fish with a dry fly is because they do not approach rising fish in the proper manner. Most every angler (men) rush right in and foul it up. Are you familiar with the Old Bull, Young Bull parable? If you are, you know that rushing into any rising fish situation can lead to disaster. If you are not, you should probably look it up…

So how can you as an angler stay away from those Young Bull behaviors? Develop an approach that leads to dry fly success.

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