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How to Tie a Crazy Leg Gotcha

The Gotcha is a tried and true bonefish pattern that has produced fish for years and will continue to do so. If you are looking to put a creative spin on this pattern you can easily add rubber legs as the tail rather than using the standard flat diamond braid. Whether this pizazz makes a difference to the fish is tough to say, but it sure looks nice to the fly tyer.

Attaching Bead Chain Eyes Start your fly by attaching your thread to the hook. I start it about 1/8 of an inch back from the eye. After making a few wraps and sucuring the thread trim the tag end and attach the bead chain eyes on the top of the shank of the hook. Use figure 8 wraps to tightly secure the eyes and ensure that they will not spink on the hook.

Attaching Loco Legs Take 3 loco legs and tie them in behind the eyes by folding them in half around your thread and making a thread wrap. Make a couple more wraps to hold them in place and then hold the legs off the back of the hook and make consecutive wraps back to tie the tail to the shank of the hook. You can trim the legs so about 1″ to 1&1/2″ of legs are hanging from the bend of the hook or wait until the fly is finished.

Attaching Diamond Braid Tie in about 6″ of diamond braid next by making a thread wrap over the braid at the bend of the hook and make consecutive wraps forward to behind the eyes. I like to tie all of this material to the hook shank to avoid cutting any excess material but if some of the diamond braid is poking up behind the eyes just snip it with scissors. Next, move your thread so it is just in front of the eyes by making a few wraps.

Wrap the diamond braid forward Wrap the diamond braid forward and add extra wraps as you move towards the eyes to create a slight taper. Secure the diamond braid in front of the eyes where your thread was left with 2-3 tight wraps and snip the excess material.

Tying in the psuedo hair Rotate your vice so the hook point is now on the top and prepare your psuedo hair. Your tan psuedo hair can be tied a thickness close to that of a #2 pencil or slightle larger. I like to comb it out before removing it from the patch and after I snip it from the patch it is important to brush out the small fibers on the side that will be tied in. Tie the material in, in front of the eye with 1-2″ of the tips of the psuedo hair off the back of the fly. Secure with 2-3 tight wraps, trim excess material over the eye of the hook and begin building your head with several tight wraps moving back towards the eyes.

Attaching Krystal Flash Lastly, tie in krystal flash on the top of the psuedo hair wing. I use one strand of krystal flash that I fold in half once and cut in the middle, fold a second time and cut in half, then fold this over my thread and attach it to the hook by making a thread wrap. Make a few more wraps to secure the krystal flash and whip finish. You can add some glue to the head for added durability!

Your Crazy Leg Gotcha is now ready to cast to some bones! To learn the basics of fly tying sign up for one of our upcoming 2020 fly tying classes!


Hook: Gamakatsu SL11-3H Size 6

Thread: Uni Big Fly Pink

Eyes: Wapsi Bead Chain Eyes Medium Silver

Tail: Hareline Loco Legs Bonefish Pink

Body: Hareline Diamond Braid Pearl ( Flat Diamond Braid works as well)

Wing: Hareline Psuedo Hair Tan W/ Wapsi Krystal Flash Pearl (optional)

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