How to Tie the Jim Dandy Midge Emerger – Fins and Feathers Bozeman
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How to Tie the Jim Dandy Midge Emerger

Fly Recipe

Hook – TMC 2488H #16-18 (or equivalent midge pupa hook)

Thread – 8/0 Red or Black

Body – Midge Tubing Black

– Ultra Wire Small White

Wing – White Ostrich Plume / or CDC

Thorax – Peacock Herl

Tie in your wire first, followed by the wire and wrap your thread back toward the eye of the hook

Wrap you midge tubing forward and secure

Follow behind with the wire and secure

Tie in a small puff of ostrich plume facing back and trim to size

Tie in a couple pieces of peacock herl

Wrap the peacock herl forward, whip finish and your’e all set!