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How to Tie the Jim Dandy Worm

Fly Recipe

– TMC 2457 size 12

– Copper Brite Bead 3.2MM

– Jelly Rope Shrimp Pink Small

– Wine Ultra Chenille 2MM

First thread your bead onto the chenille

Then thread your beaded chenille through the hook

Starting at the bead, wrap back down the hook to secure the chenille in place

Like so

Then tie in your jelly rope at the back end of the hook and bring your thread forwad to the bead

(You can also add some flash here if you would like by wrapping tinsel underneath the jellyrope)

Wrap your jelly rope forward to the bead and secure it with your thread

Whip finish behind the bead and trim your chenille before lightly burning the ends

And voila, you have yourself a Jim Dandy Worm!!