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I Met The Sun

Monday I went and floated the Yellowstone River with Nick. We left at 6:00am with rods, flies and floatant to last a full summer of Montana hatches. What we didn’t have enough of, was sunscreen. We fish a lot, and can become very careless when it comes to protecting our skin from the harsh UV elements. Lesson learned. Massive amounts of sunscreen will forever be in my fishing bag along with the proper clothing to keep me cool, and protected.

Since we got burnt so bad and I’ve been in so much pain, I wanted to talk about some killer clothing that we should all use more of!

First off, Buffs. Get your Buffs! Use your Buffs! In our Bozeman Fly Shop we have every color and pattern of Buffs you could imagine. We also have the Patagonia Sunmask that serves the same purpose. These face, neck and ear mask block 95% of UV rays. They’re soft, breathable, moisture-wicking, quick-drying and apparently there are 12+ ways to wear them.

Sun Gloves are necessary. My hands dry out and are constantly getting wet releasing fish. Applying sunscreen to the hands almost seems useless when they’re constantly getting wet and the waterproof sunscreen doesn’t seem to really do the job as it should. The Patagonia Sun Gloves are awesome for protecting your hands from the harsh elements as well and protecting your palms when rowing. They help keep your calluses from breaking and peeling off your hands, especially in the hotter, dryer weather.

Hats: This seems basic, your regular ball cap works, or there are many hats that offer more protection such as the Patagonia Bimini Hat and Tilly Hats.

Next up shirts. Our best seller in the women’s fly fishing clothing category is the Patagonia Sunshade Hoody and the Simms Solarflex shirts. Both shirts offer UPF sun shielding protection with a soft breathable material.

Both these shirts come in Men’s clothing as well, Simms Solarflex and Patagonia Sunshade.

Cover up, stay protected and keep fishing hard.