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Innos Rod Racks

The quest for the rod carrying/transport solution may finally be over…for us anyway. There are dozens of options out there including everything from magnetic carracks, to roof mounted tubes, to interior racks. We’ve always favored the interior racks (but we all have SUV’s) to roof mounted racks for security reasons along with the fact that we know we’d be the guys that take out the carwash with it!

We’re carrying these interior racks that hold either 10 or 7 rods and they are awesome! They are well made and designed to hold the rods up out of the way while providing easy access to a bunch of rods.

Take a look at them online if you’re looking for a solution to this age-old problem. We sell them for $139 or $149 in the shop and $50 more online (freight). They take an hour or so to assemble and come with great instructions.