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Inside Florida’s Algae Blooms

Florida, a very popular saltwater destination, is yet again making the news with its horrifying fish kills due to algal blooms. Headlines like this have many fly fishers concerned about the well being of such an outstanding fishery. Your Bozeman Fly Shop has been particularly concerned with the red tide and cyanobacteria blooms that have been occurring in Florida. While red tides and blue-green algea have been documented for hundreds of years, the recent algae blooms have seemingly been the worst. Species like tarpon, bonefish, redfish, and snook may become victims to these blooms. Losing significant numbers of these popular game fish is a frightening thought for those who enjoy chasing saltwater fish when it is too cold in Montana to fish for trout. Hopefully we will soon find answers to the now abundant algae blooms and determine what can be done to preserve the fishery in Florida. Learn more about the “Algae-Fueled Nightmare” by watching the video below.

Link to the full article from Earther.

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