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Introducing the Abel Vaya

Abel Vaya is one fly looking fly reel. Unique in appearance and matched with outstanding performance makes the jump out of any reel case. Made to balance perfectly with your favorite rod and fight fish into submission. The design eliminates the need for a counter balance and the attention to detail on the milled fly patterns found inside the frame is shocking. This reel is now available in our Bozeman fly shop in a 5/6 with the “Northern Lights” color scheme.

Abel Vaya 5/6 Abel Vaya 5/6 Frame


  • Partially-ported frame for the perfect balance of weight, sound, and visual appeal
  • Different sets of milled fly pattern silhouettes on interior of each frame relevant to the size of the reel
  • 5-disc alternating carbon/stainless steel drag stack
  • Large arbor for faster retrieve and reduced line memory
  • Quick-change spool design with proven O-ring release
  • Available in sizes 4/5, 5/6, 7/8
  • User convertible retrieval system
  • Made in USA