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It’s Really Cold!

I don’t know what the high was today but it was much closer to 0 than 10! Always amazes me when the weather gets like this that someone tries to give it a go on the Gallatin or Madison. Seriously. Not today though! It was windy and as cold as it has felt all winter. I bet the Gallatin is a bit chunky tonight.

The website is up and we’ve been getting lots of great comments…so thanks to all and we hope it helps make life a little easier for everyone…especially us!

When the weather does warm up, we should be on the front end of midge fishing on the Lower Madison. We just got in a bunch of new flies including some pretty sexy midges (if a midge could ever be considered sexy that is) and a healthy restocking of the saltwater bins. I spent the majority of the day trying to figure out where to put them – always a good time!