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Jungle Fish Film

Exploratory fly fishing films are always a joy to watch, in my opinion. Whether it’s a new fish on the fly (Taimen – River Bum I: River Wolf, Nile Perch – Soulfish 2: Fishmode), or an old one doing new tricks (Raising the Ghost), or even a little bit of both (Tigerfish in Africa – Connect) I just find it neat to see something new fall for the lure of the fly.

Many of you have probably heard of the Arapaima found is several South American countries, and many of you, like myself, probably first heard about it on the show River Monsters. They are a truly neat looking fish, with ancient looking oversized scales and vivid red markings, and they can reach colossal sizes 300lbs+! Sometime ago I’d heard that a group of anglers had set out to catch them on the fly. I was immediately intrigued to see the film they produced of the trip – Jungle Fish. Anyways, I was cruising the web yesterday looking at fishporn and stumbled across the film, free to stream online, on none other than the Fly Fishing Film Tour website! The only catch is it’s only on there until January 1st. It looks a lot like hard work, but it’s really cool to see a 12wt rod bet into horseshoe on a freshwater fish. I highly recommended checking it out before it’s gone!

Jungle Fish – Fy FIshing Film Tour