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Karlie’s Trip To Alaska

I was lucky enough to get to fly out to King Salmon, AK and fish with some friends who guide out there. I’ve never been to Alaska, and I can tell you after spending a week there I would move there in a heartbeat. It took me 18hrs to get to King Salmon where I was greeted with hugs from my sunglass tanned eyed friends. I was hardly awake after a sleepless night in the anchorage airport, but we went straight to the river. It was great! We hopped in the boat, jetted up to the first run and I jumped in with my switch rod and a Dolly Llama tied on. Three cast in and I had two grabs that I uncontrollably trout setted. I took a few steps down and finally held still enough for the same fish I missed or a different fish to take my fly. Bam. First fish, 28”. I was stoked, and excited to see a Rainbow Trout so big and fight so hard!

So many jumps!

We ended up fishing every day until last light. And I was freezing cold every time and had more layers on than ever needed. I got the Patagonia Foot Tractor Boots and they were a life saver, I won’t use any other boot for winter wading. I highly recommend them.

One clear day we went out to Brooks Camp and got to fish Brooks falls. Grizzlies were everywhere and it was outstandingly beautiful.

For my birthday we flew south along the Peninsula landing every once in a while to beachcomb, duck hunt and watch wild animals. We camped behind a bluff from the wind, built a fire and hung out late into the evening. The next day we did the same thing; finding cool treasures on the beach and watching grizzlies, whales, caribou, walruses, and birds.

I had such a spectacular week! But as always, I’m happy to be home and back in the shop. It’s funny how you can be in the coolest places and still miss this bright green shop and our shop family.