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Keeping it Cool in Hot Weather

Summer’s finally made and appearance in Southwest Montana. Temps have soared into the mid to high 80’s this past week, and after a Montana winter and a slow easy spring it feels downright HOT! However, there are ways to beat the heat, and the easiest way to do that is to dress appropriately.

I was never a believer in “tech” clothing until I began guiding, and spending day after day with the sun beating down for hours and hours. Before a shirt was a shirt and I just went fishing. I thought anyone who paid $60, $80 or a $100 on a single garment was mad. But soon after I start guiding, I came to my senses and realized that there was something to this “tech” clothing malarkey. “Tech” isn’t just a way to slap an extra $60 on a shirt. It means that a team of designers sat down, considered how a fly fishier moves throughout a day of fishing, and builds the seams, vents, etc. to maximize freedom of movement and airflow. It also mean that the fabrics, or more commonly mix of fabrics, were selected to enhance same things, while remaining tough and functional. There’s a reason that some of today’s fishing shirts push the $100 mark, but if you ask me now they are well worth it. You will be more comfortable, and therefore enjoy your day on the water more!

Some of our favorite fishing shirts:

Patagonia Sun Shade Shirt – $99

Awesome fit and airflow. No vents, which means when you transition from the water to the bar it doesn’t look like you’re on safari. 30 UFP sun protection. Hardly leave the house without one.

Sage Guide Shirt – $79

Super soft and comfortable. Again, no back vents to make the bar awkwardness less. 50 UPF. Oversized cuffs for back of the hand sun protection.

Patagonia Sol Patrol II Shirt – $79

Full low profile back and shoulder blade vents for those super hot days where maximum airflow is needed. 30 UPF.