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Kelly Galloup Boogieman Fly Recipe

As streamer fishing takes off in full swing, we wanted to share one of our favorite Kelly Galloup flies, the Boogieman.

We have all the materials in the shop which you can purchase online, and are always happy and excited to help you find the right tying material for your patterns. When I asked Nick if he likes to change up the fly and do any variations his response was, “You can’t change perfection”. We like this fly to say the least.

We even did the math and figured all the material to tie 25 Boogiemans cost just under $50, and if you were to buy that many it would cost you $175. Now is the time to come in and spend the money on those big streamer tying materials. It’s more fun and rewarding to catch your 30 incher dream fish on the fly you tied anyways.

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