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Knots: Reel to Fly | Bozeman Fly Shop

From your reel to the fly you plan on fishing is a series of knots. Each knot is just as important as the next to ensure the brown trout shaking it’s head on the end of your line is not lost to the depths of the river. Here is a breakdown of each of these knots along with links to help anglers of all levels get from reel to fly quickly and securely. Click on the links or photos below to watch the knot animations from Orvis.

Reel to Backing: Arbor Knot – This is one of the only ways I have seen backing attached to a reel. To prevent the loop around the arbor of the reel from sliding try wrapping the backing around the arborl 4-5 times before tying this knot.

Arbor Knot

Backing to Fly Line: Loop to loop is the best option when the fly line has a welded loop, but if your line is lacking a loop the Albright knot is second strongest.

Albright Knot from Orvis

Fly Line to Leader: The loop to loop knot is again the way to for this connection. If your line does not have a welded loop add 4-6 inches of butt section using a nail knot and create a loop with a perfection loop. ( Tapered leaders come with a perfection loop pre-tied at the end of the butt)

Nail Knot Perfection Loop

Leader to Tippet: It may not be the quickest or the easiest but the blood knot is the cleanest and strongest leader to tippet connection. Be sure not to jump greater than a tippet size as the knot will slip 8/10 times.

Blood Knot

Tippet or Leader to Fly: There are many possible knots for this connection, I will leave you with one of the easiest and the one that I use more than k(not). The clinch knot. My recommendation is to find a knot you like and stick with that one to increase speed and consistently tie a strong knot.

Clinch Knot

Our Bozeman fly shop staff can always help you when setting up your reel, swing by if you need a bit of help! Click here for all of the Orvis Animated Knots.