Last Trip of the Season to Depuy’s Spring Creek – Fins and Feathers Bozeman
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Last Trip of the Season to Depuy’s Spring Creek

After a white knuckle drive over Bozeman Pass yesterday, my friend Grant Dixon and I fished Depuy’s Spring Creek for the last time this Spring.

This time of year is always full of mixed feelings. I’m definately ready for Spring and the promise of warmer weather, more diverse insect hatches, Yellowstone Park Opener, camping and fishing some lakes. The only conflict in my heart is knowing that it will probably be seven or eight months before I fish the Spring Creeks again.

The crappy drive was well worth the effort though. My first cast with a Nymph Rig produced a real nice Rainbow, then I noticed a few fish rising and put on a little Baetis dry. Grant rigged up with a dry to begin and proceeded to miss a fish right away. The day had some real potential for sure. there were alot of fish rising all day. It seemed like most of the fish were probably eating Midge Emergers and Baetis Emergers for the most part. We didn’t see too many insects either way, even though the fish were constantly working the surface. One would think that with the fish eating like they were, it would be easy, it wasn’t. I chalked most of it up to being a little rusty with my dry fly prowess. I spent most of the day bouncing around between about a dozen fish or so. I managed to land a few, broke a couple off, and missed a few. All and all it was a ton of fun. Grant had about the same luck as I did. The fish were split evenly between, Rainbows, Cuttbows and Browns. The Rainbows and Cuttbows seemed to be feeding in more of the main runs and the Browns were almost always in the wierd slack water or tucked in tight to the bank. I took a couple of bad pictures of a sample of what we got. I do have to say I broke off most of the larger fish I hooked.

I want to say thank you to the Smiths. They run a top notch operation from the time you make your reservations with Theresa, check in with Betty or you might even see Darrell moving rocks and cruising around with his little dog. Class act guys, thanks again and see you next year.