Late Fall Update – Fins and Feathers Bozeman
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Late Fall Update

Days are getting short, and it won’t be long before winter sets in. Hunting season is here which helps to clear out the traffic on the rivers, and it’s a great time to find a bit of solitude. This is the time of year when us fishing guides get to fish for ourselves, and perhaps catch some of the big fish that are fattening up for winter. Also this Sunday is the last day for fishing in Yellowstone National Park, so get up there now if you want to have a chance at a big lake run brown or one of the many rainbows that have followed them up there. Just don’t expect to be alone up there!

Fishing has been good with cool, cloudy weather finally here. Blue Winged Olive hatches have made for good dry fly opportunities on cloudy afternoons. Streamer fishing is also particularly good on overcast days. Of course you can always nymph up plenty of fish, and they aren’t nearly as selective as during summer months. Rainbow trout are feeding heavily and are in prime condition now. Brown trout are on their redds and have been spawning in recent weeks. This late in the spawn they are getting tired and are spending their energy protecting eggs. Its best to avoid fishing directly on the redds so the browns can protect their eggs from the opportunistic rainbows. It’s especially important to leave them alone in a river like the Lower Madison were Brown Trout numbers are declining. You can always target the rainbows around the redds with egg patterns. They seem to get supercharged when they’re feeding on eggs and it makes for a good fight.

Don’t forget to check our reports before you head out, or stop by for the latest info. Now get out there and enjoy some good fishing before the winter cold sets in!