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Late Night Workin’

I’ve been living the dream the last few weeks of becoming one with our entire selection of flies. Imagine the setup…there I am with my camera, a 180 Macro lens( which happens to come with a bazooka of a lens shade) and a full set of extension tubes – peering into a lighthouse sitting on top of a bunch of fly reels! I think the scene is comparable to one of those cartoons with the scientist using a telescope to look at a mole on someone’s nose! The goal of this grand waste of time is to produce quality fly pics for both our commerce site that as well as ones for the new fishing reports when the new site is ready…soon they tell me. I have over 1000 of images like this for every single fly we carry! Minutia.

Here’s a smattering of some a few bug pics we’ve been making but you can check them out at our store as well , buy some flies too! We’re about 75% complete on this project. Good Times.