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Learn to Fly Fish | Bozeman Fly Shop

I had the pleasure of helping out with our Fly Fishing 101 courses this past weekend. In typical Bozeman fashion, the weather turned from unbelievably perfect to dreary and wet, just as the weekend arrived. With nearly 20 people signed up for the session, Steven & I had our hands full with trying to teach the basics of casting in the rain and wind to a bunch of folks with little to no experience. It went great; everyone had a good time….even me!

Fly Fishing can be overwhelming at first as there just seems to be so much that goes into getting started. For those of us that have been doing it awhile, it’s sometimes easy to overlook how intimidating it can be looking from the outside, in. These 101 courses have been wildly successful over the last couple of years because it’s a low-pressure setting that really exposes fly-fishing for its true simplicity.

Personally, this past session was one of my all time favorites as the people that participated were out there in the elements, just having fun. When we first started casting with them, I thought to myself “this is going to be a LONG morning.” Actually though, it flew right by and we had everyone casting a nice to very good loop after just 45 minutes or so.

Fins & Feathers of Bozeman has a few more of these free, introductory courses on tap for 2016 so give our fly shop a call or email to get signed up. We try to limit the class to 10-15 people, but we can handle more if folks bring their own gear. The goal of the fly-fishing 101 courses is to teach the basics of rigging and casting in a two-hour format. There is no place better than Bozeman to learn how to fly-fish, so we hope to see you soon!