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Learn to Fly Fish in Bozeman

Learning to fly fish can be an overwhelming experience to say the least. Where does one even start?

If you live here in Bozeman, there’s no doubt that you have picked up on the popularity of fly-fishing around here. However, unless you have a friend that is willing to put in the time to show you the ropes, just getting stated can be the hardest part. Even then, it won’t be long before they point you on your way as they head off to fish on their own…that’s just how it works!

Our Bozeman fly shop and fly-fishing guide service a has a few things that we do to try to make for easy introductions to the sport. Options range from free casting lessons to multi-day guided fly fishing adventures throughout the region. Also, just stopping by our fly shop in 4-Corners and asking for some help getting started is always a solid bet too.

Options for Getting Started with Bozeman Fly Fishing from Fins & Feathers

Email our fly shop to make a reservation or learn more about our varioius fly-fishing educational opportuniites in Bozeman.