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Local Fishing Looking to Improve

It’s been cold the last couple weeks and the fly fishing around Bozeman has suffered as a result. Slush, wind and cold-lethargic trout have made for less than stellar conditions. There has still been some fish being caught, but those brave souls who have ventured out have had to work for them. There is a respite in the weather coming, which should see the fishing improve.

The last couple of days have been a little warmer and this trend will continue throughout the week. Nighttime temps will still be well below freezing, but with the daytime temps creeping above freezing into the upper 30’s, and the sun shining in clear skies, the water temps should see an uptick. That’s the key this time of year. Doesn’t matter if the water temp is still cold so long as it’s on the rise, and the trout seem to respond by feeding up a little.

We had some reports yesterday that the lower Madison had started to clean up. There will still be some anchor and shelf ice, but the slush should be thinning out. Sounds like the Gallatin is cleaning up the same. There was still some pretty bad slush in the lower valley, but at Sheds Bridge there was little to no slush around noon. There have been some good reports from the Missouri too.

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