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Love for the Bighorn

Just got back from another road trip in Montana out there near the old’ Custer Battlefield back East. The Bighorn River is fishing right now in all its weedy glory with cold water, gobs of bugs, and more hungry fish than even Steven can shake a stick at. To say “it was on” would be an understatement to say the least.

The water is so cold it makes your feet numb in August and wearing waders in the mornings is actually a good thing. Gotta love those Patagonia Rio Gallegos and the wool lined bootie for sockless wading right now, it makes for an easy transition to flip flops mid-day. That cold water is keeping the fish eating and bugs hatching all day long. Cold water is a good thing when it comes to summertime trout fishing!

Our days went like this for the most part, nymph for 5 minutes and catch a fish or two. Ok, lets fish dry droppers in the skinny water and catch a bunch of fish until they start rising around 9:30 to Trico. What? Can’t see a Trico? Fine, fish a Mahogany or PMD; they’ll eat that too. Play that game until 11:00 and then off for the skinny water for some sight fishing in the riffles and corners until lunchtime. After lunch, just look out into the river at all those splashy, fish chasin’ Caddis Pupa rises and throw an X-Caddis at them. When that slows down, we’d strip that X-Caddis across the flats and riffles and they’d eat that too. It was pretty damn nice to say the least.

What’s the downside you ask? Ok there are some weeds and grass in the river, nothing that a heavy water slap won’t cure. There are about 100 other boats out on the water too, but the fish are eating so everyone is happy…much like the Upper Madison used to be to come think of it.

Off to the Missouri for me this morning, be back on Thursday to chase these fish around here around some more. I love summer!