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Memories of a day in New Zealand

New Zealand Boulders

I have been trying to slowly purge all the junk on my desktop during those times when I have absolutely nothing else to do. I don’t get to it very often and I’m always hyper-paranoid that I’m going to accidentally delete THE ONE version of some photograph that has some significance. I used to love photography – so much so that I pretty much quit fishing, other than to take photos of fishing. I like fishing much more than photography these days, but don’t get to do it much more than I did during the photo years.

Anyway, I came across this photo last night and it caught my eye and took me back a few years to a very different world. The truth is that I always wanted to see these somewhat famous boulders on my trips to New Zealand, but never felt compelled to make the drive to that part of the coast. On the last trip, however, I ended up staying a couple hours away from the boulders and managed to fit a quick stop along the way to the upper Taeri, and thus the photo of the day ended up being the boulders rather than the river, but I remember the fishing more than the trip to the boulders!

Why was the fishing so memorable you ask? I got a few on dries and a few on zonkers. The river is very tannin colored and spotting fish was difficult other than the rising fish or few that were on the banks. After the fish quit rising, I worked my way back to the car, fishing streamers down and across. Missed a bunch, got a few…had a blast. Not a particularly good or bad day for New Zealand fishing, but maybe a little better than most.

The more memorable part of the day was getting lost and finally having to stop and ask for directions to the river at a cycling tourist place that had gas tanks, but no key to unlock them. I made the drive back to my buddies place that night on an empty tank and with no idea where I was or where the next gas station was.

Needless to say, I made it home… as I always seem to do, somehow.