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MFC Boat Box Review

Montana Fly Company boat boxes are a great solution to the problem of too many fly boxes and poor fly organization. Being able to easily organize your flies in one box is great if you’re like me and always digging around multiple boxes trying to find that fly you want.
The boxes come in a variety of colors and will soon be available in the MFC artist series prints. They are made from heavy duty plastic and are totally waterproof with 4 heavy duty latches and a rubber gasket seal. You can hold a ton of flies at 10” x 13” x 4” inches, and you can add the optional removable swing leaf to double the storage for up to 4000 flies. The box is deep enough that even with the insert you won’t smash your flies against each other when closing the box. Smaller boxes often end up resulting in crushed hair or hackle and colors bleeding together. The inserts come in a small fly or large fly configuration, so you can configure your box to store almost any size of fly in one box. The only issue we’ve heard people say is that the latches are very tight. Opening the box is made easy by simply squeezing down on the box handle before open the latches.

Super tough plastic and latches making for a totally waterproof box.

Optional large or small fly swing leaf insert to double capacity.