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Mid-Runoff Bozeman Fly Fishing

As I was flying into Bozeman last Sunday, the beauty of Montana in the spring was evident from the snow-capped mountains to the hues of emerald that fill the valley floors this time of year. Although going away is endlessly exciting, there just isn’t anything quite like coming home.

After a few days of getting “back into the groove” around the Bozeman fly shop, a day on the water was exactly what I needed. I don’t know why I love to fish so much. I have always loved to fish; that’s really why I fish as much as I do, and truth be told, it’s not enough.

It seems that some of the rivers around Bozeman have started to fish well the last few days, thanks mostly to some mild temperatures in a cold nights in the high country. Some of the lakes that I like to fish this time of year have also settled a bit as the various tributaries that fill them have also started to clear and run low.

The absence of a fish to hand over the last week, the emergence of clean water, and a gentle prodding from a buddy were all it took to entice me into skipping work for the day and hitting the water. Solitude was surprisingly easy to find and not taken for granted in our boat. My new pup, Xena, began to appreciate the joy of hooking a wild trout and the acrobats that typically quickly follow. Happy fish weren’t around every bend for us, but they were around nevertheless and the day ended with several to hand and many more that didn’t quite make it that far.

The river conditions and weather can vary widely around Bozeman this time of year, as we are typically mid-runoff at this point. However, when we get little breaks from the surging flows and sediment plugs, the bite is almost always on for the adventurous angler. Between the guides and fly shop staff at Fins & Feathers of Bozeman, there is a hardly a day that goes by that we aren’t chasing fish and finding solitude on the water this time of the year. Come fish with us or stop by our Bozeman fly shop on by for the latest updates and fishing reports for the rivers and streams around Bozeman.