Millie Fire Update – Fins and Feathers Bozeman
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Millie Fire Update

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If you’ve been in the Bozeman area in the past couple of days then you know it’s been smoky! We’re still receiving a fare amount from the Idaho fires, but at this point the majority of the smoke is coming from the Millie Fire, which is burning in the Storm Castle drainage south of town. The heavy smoke is making it hard for fire crews to assess the size of the fire and thus making updates spotty at best. However, there is a new update as of this morning. The fire is estimated at 9,500 acres, down from the estimated 10,000 acres reported yesterday, and there are still several road, campground, and cabin closures. Storm Castle Creek, Swan Creek, and Moose Creek roads are close, as are Hyalite, Leverich, and Little Bear Canyons. Highway 191 is open, but drivers are advised to watch out or fire crews and vehicles. The fire is on the verge of dipping into the Hyalite Basin in several locations.

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