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Missouri River In May

I’ve been living up here near Craig the last few days and will be guiding out of here for the rest of the month of May. This is always a great time of year to be running around up here as the crowds of summer are still a month or so away, the fish are hungry and there are a lot of them in the river right now. Nymphing is the standard fare this time of year most of the time, but so far the dry fly fishing has been reliable and good on a variety of hatches, including midges, blue winged olives, March Browns, and even some Caddis. I’m looking forward to things to come this month as the fish numbers and river are both in unusually great shape right now.
The first few days have been a mix of nympihing and dry fly fishing for me so far. One thing that has been different that the previous couple of years is the fact that we’ve been able to anchor up in runs and work the water rather than just row around runs with deep nymph rigs. As the day progresses and the water starts to warm up, we’ve been able find fish feeding on dries with regularity,
So, it’s not to late to head out west for a last minute, early season fishing trip and we’ve got several guides available for these trips. Just shoot us an email or give the shop a call to get something othe books. We cancel arrange lodging for everything from all inclusive lodges to flea bag hotels. Hope to see you on the river soon!