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Mo’ Time, Mo’ Fish

This week has been busy here at the Bozeman fly shop. Luckily, I still managed to get out a few times and got to experience the Mo’ for the first time. Boy am I crushing on that river. I can guarentee you’ll find me camped out next spring for a few months on the banks of the Missouri. Yankee Jim and I started wading around Wolf Creek Bridge for the first few hours. A few cast in throwing a 12ft heavy waded leader, with a Poxyback Sowbug and Little Green Machine I hooked into a feisty plump 18” rainbow. Jim yells, “Welcome to the Missouri” encouraging my excitement. I don’t think I switched my set up the entire day and got most my fish on the Green Machine. Jim had a really nice brown on. If we had a net, we probably would of got to get a better look at it… but his knot slip and he got away.

I was really impressed with how beautiful the Missouri is and how easy it is to have a good day of fishing out there. In fact, so impressed I decided to spend both of my days off this week fishing it. The second time on the Mo’ I floated a nice 10ish mile stretch below Craig. We ended up anchoring for a few hours casting PMD’s at the pods of rising fish surrounding us. Fishing is good out there. Really good.

The entire Lewis and Clark county is full blow drop dead gorgeous right now. Get out and fish lots why you can.