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More Spring Thoughts

Dearborn CanyonGuide trip bookings have been coming in pretty regularly, which is a good thing for all of us at Fins & Feathers. I know most folks think that we are rolling in the dough on guide trips, but this just isn’t the total reality. I mean honestly, I made a lot more money selling carpet and worked a lot less back in the day! Interacting with other anglers, sharing a few things, making friends on the water, all in some of the most amazing fly fishing settings anywhere are really the things that keep us all going.

The bookings for May on the Missouri are looking solid and I’m pretty much booked up with just the first week of May and the week after Memorial Day left. There are some weekend dates in there, but I’d prefer to keep the trips to mid-week as it always seems to be a little quieter.

The Dearborn River opens with the general season on the 3rd Saturday in May. This is an amazingly picturesque river worth the trip for the scenery alone. The timing has to be just right as it’s a 20 mile float so there needs to be enough water to keep things moving along and if there isn’t enough…it’s a total pain in the ass. The river is one of the main tributaries to the Missouri below Holter and makes for a great middle day option for a 3 day trip up to the Craig areas.

As far as a guide trip here, it would be a mid week thing before or after Memorial Day. It’s a great DIY float with a few camping options along the float (but it does get pretty crazy with recreational rafters and floaters on the weekends, especially when it first opens). It will wear you out on the oars on a single day float so I’d plan on taking a long day and camping at Mid-Canon on the Mo at the end if your in DIY mode. There is also good water up above wherever the hell it is we put on…at least another days worth of water.