Mother’s Day Came Early this Year – Fins and Feathers Bozeman
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Mother’s Day Came Early this Year

The Mother’s Day Caddis hatch it in full swing on several of the rivers. If you’ve never seen this hatch before and you’re in Bozeman you owe it to yourself to grab a rod or a least take a drive down to the river in the evening. It is just an incredible sight. Literal clouds of bugs flying, and fish rising everywhere and so often is looks like good hail storm.

The last couple of years the lower Madison has been the epicenter of the hatch. This year again, the lower has been covered in bugs, but with the varying conditions other river are worth a look. It doesn’t always work out, but a well-chosen day on the Yellowstone with the Mother’s Day Caddis can be simply…phenomenal. The Gallatin also sees its fair number of caddis popping and can be a good choice for a quickie after work.

There is almost always something hatching in SW Montana. We’ve already had some excellent midge and Blue Wing Olive fishing this spring, but Mother’s Day Caddis hatch is the first large, wide spread hatch that really signals the start of our hatch matching season. Next we’ll start to see some Brown and Green Drakes, and then the large stoneflies will start taking to the air, with other hatches mixed in and so on into the summer. It’s really a great and exciting time to be in Montana with a fly rod in hand. If you’re fortunate enough to be here get out and fish on! If you’re new the area, just in town for a while, or just need some advise, stop by the shop or check out our guided fishing trips.